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At Modern Surveying Pty Ltd, We provide our professional land and engineering surveying services and solutions to both public and private business sectors and pride ourselves in offering a service that constantly exceeds your expectations.
We are dedicated to performing our services using the highest standards in the field of surveying and understand the importance of building partnerships with our clients and the need to be part of a team  to ensure accurate, efficient, reliable, timely and high quality surveying services at the most competitive prices that delight our clients. Modern Surveying with the highly qualified and experienced staff possessing strong skills for undertaking any type of survey project using the latest surveying software and technology always has initiative solutions for your surveying jobs to fit your needs.
Survey Drafting

Our specialist drafters at Modern Surveying Pty Ltd With many years’ experience in the computer drafting area, using latest version of Autocad and other drafting software to produce wide variety of maps and plans, from simplest drawings to the most complicated ones are working with private individuals, private consultancies and government agencies to meet their drafting needs
We provide clients with the necessary maps and plans accurately and efficiently for any sized project  and convert your plan from any coordinate system to the others and are able to create digital terrain model for the 3D surfaces using range of ...
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Control Survey

Modern Surveying Pty Ltd is specialized in 1D and 2D and 3 dimensional control survey network adjustment ( Whether control survey data collected by digital levels, total stations, or GPS receivers) and has done many control survey network adjustment for large railway projects in NSW. We can design your triangulation networks, collecting raw data, running unconstrained and constrained adjustment using least squares adjustment method, analysing data and observations, detecting possible errors or blunders, determining quality of observations based on residuals, standard deviation and statistics distributions, checking and analysing the degree of freedom for observations, elements of  variance-covariance matrix, relative ...
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QA Report

QA reports include survey checks to verify that the survey is correct.  Checks should be included in survey procedures to assure that they have achieved the required accuracy without error.
Preferably the checks should be independent of the surveying process being checked. Redoing the same survey process as a check is discouraged and should only used as a last report. Our skillful staff at Modern Surveying Pty Ltd can identify systematic errors,  instrument  or equipment calibration errors, errors in information such as control marks, or design information and human error and fixed them up before any QA reports prepared so that the report can be reliable.
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Monitoring Survey

Our highly experienced staff at Modern Surveying Pty Ltd can help you to perform deformation monitring surveys and prepare deformation monitoring survey calculations and reports for the structures that require periodic surveys to monitor long-term movements and settlements, or to monitor short-term deflections and deformations. 
Deformation monitoring survey provides a proactive control, periodic inspection and continuing evaluation of a hazard related to possible change or failure of a structure and may be used to for further computation, deformation analysis, predictive maintenance and alarming in order to making desicsion to reduce risk exposure before and during construction and ...
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Survey Calculations

During land and engineering surveying, the calculations involve a large volume of work, covering a wide range of calculations from basic to advanced which helps to make it easy for everybody involved in the job to make decision or act correctly based on the surveying results given and get the job done properly. This includes all type of QA reports, conformance survey, earth work volume, control survey adjustment for obtaining accurate coordinates of permanent marks alongside the project and monitoring survey calculations or creating set out files for setting out points, alignments and surfaces and much more calculations needed.
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Modern Surveying Pty Ltd
Modern Surveying Pty. Ltd.
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Modern Surveying Pty Ltd
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Welcome to Modern Surveying Pty Ltd

Modern Surveying Pty Ltd is providing a wide range of all professional surveying services to private and governmental clients. With highly experienced staff we are working together to satisfy our clients by providing highest quality surveying advice and solutions.

With the best prices and focusing on the accurate and timely provision of surveying information to meet our clients needs.

We are also providing surveying services to the other surveying and construction companies by helping them in their survey drafting, calculations and preparing all type of QA reports.

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